Wednesday, July 25, 2007

100 miles to go!!!

The BS Hono camp received the 100 mile call at about 2130 tonight. A little confusing since they were predicting arrival at noon tomorrow. We're guessing there was a minor mathematical error...the boys should be here at the crack of dawn or shortly after...probably 7AMish... Somehow they're still finding the strength, will, and time to e-mail!

Rec'd 7/24 at 2012 HT
Yup the boys are excited about finishing, we have all made our predictions of when. There is some confusion: are we talking California time or Hawaii local? Its getting pretty rough out here.

I made hot water on the BBQ this morning. The coffee clatch had tried the same thing a couple of mornings ago using the percolator. That unsuccessful attempt was during our daily morning rain squall. It's a pathetic man soaked to the bone, tending water that won't boil.

My approach was to put the tea pot inside the BBQ and tie the lid closed. Happily I removed my boiling kettle only to find the little red knob that lifts the whistle was now a bubbling red blob. No matter, we got hot water. I took my baked kettle below to do battle with a half dozen caffeine head cases. What you learn about making hot drinks aboard is the kettle lives on the gimbaled stove, the cups are filled on the drain board. Trying to pour hot liquid into something on the gimbaled stove is impossible. I promptly loaded the mugs with one cup bags, and poured. Boat lurches, and three of them go down. I now have spilled the majority of the hot coffee into all the clean dishes, and we have no more paper towels. Sheesh! Now I just found out we're down to the last Oreo.

Miss you all

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