Friday, July 6, 2007

HINT - How to Post your Comment

If you don't have or want a Google or Blogger account, simply post your comment as "Anonymous" and sign your name at the bottom of your text so we know who it's from. Below each post is the word "comments", click on that word, write your comment in the box, pick Anonymous, and hit publish.


Anonymous said...

What time is the start?
and what time are you leaving the dock?


Len Bose said...

Keep your mast dry and break a leg! I just wrote a Trans Pac blurb on my site at

Len Bose

Anonymous said...

Best of Luck, Good Winds!
Do us, Carl and all the Expressi Proud!

Nick Tolman
Ex Flying Circus E27 #5

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna watch you like a hawk, as only Gordon knows. Best wishes and you're in my prayers. A definite podium finish.