Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Party!!!!

Rec'd 7/19 at 2100.
The celebration lasted a few hours-decorations champagne, snacks,some stories , steaks, ice cream, presents, costumes, stories , modeling with clay(Linus has a talent!), a movie, a few more stories.....This may have impacted our performance. We dropped a position (Ca girl) by a few miles. Noses back to the grind stone today. We should post our best day yet.
Thanks goes to Linus and Scooter(Lisa too!) for their preparation for the halfway celebration. A special thanks to our Web Masterist- you truly are appreciated!
Team Brown Sugar

The festivities:
The half way celebration, it would seem is a long standing tradition in the Trans Pac society. Our crew onboard our sturdy little vessel is not to be left out or apparently out done. It would seem that “Transpacians” have practiced this for some time. We can say this as we are in the midst of some impressive pedigrees. In fact there is a combined amongst our crew 29 Trans Pac evolutions. As well it would seem some very salty dogs. As an example of one such level of experience there is an infamous line once heard from one of our trusted brethren that went something like; “Behold seaman Atwood there is no need to use such language.” To which he replied “sure that may be ok for you Noah but you’re not sharing a rack with a Tibetan Yak, you know they spit, bite and are *#^” stinky.”

Sorry I digressed.
It would seem than that as part of the actual planning process certain members of the crew begin to work on the party’s theme, menu and decorations – Yes I said decorations, in fact there are costumes. Now it is not clear that every Transpacian out here is going to this length, we can only trust in our pedigreed members not to lead us astray. Yes dear we are worried? Of course just when this party will be held is a tightly kept secret held by the navigator, who only divulges it on the actual day as it seems even with all the technology available it is nearly impossible to predict. As well there is also the discussion of is it half time or distance? In fact on the day that it seems we may cross that invisible line it is not a sure thing. All one can do is hope that Mother Nature will come through with at least one of the two things expected of her – wind. Of course if she delivered us a fish we could have sushi with our party as well.

Rather than spend a lot of time explaining it we would rather have you look at some pics.

It was a blast!!!!
“WE” Brian Samuel Allott.


Anonymous said...

Ca girl picked up 2 miles, but BS travelled much farther south and should reap the wind benefits for the rest of the race.
-Go BS

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry I missed the Party. And I had bought a new outfit and everything. I even had party favors I was going to bring. But I never got my invitation.

ME Billonius Sedimentary Allittle

Anonymous said...

I too missed the party because I didn't know where it would be (LAT/LON). I even bought a new pair of stilettos!

ME Brianna Sigmond Somemore