Saturday, July 14, 2007

About those whales...

Now that you all have seen the photos of the whales, I would like to comment. First: the reality of getting that close to something that big. Fear, and more Fear. They would see us and come over for a look. Having two animals swimming less than a meter away, eyeing you every time they breach for air was unnerving. At one point we had two to starboard and one to port, each spout was covering us with bad breath spray, like cat breath only bigger. One curious whale came within inches of the bow, having to tail slap the water to get out of the way.

I kept thinking, just one back scratch on our rudder and our hula skirts are out the window. Yup. Scared of whales. No doubt about it.


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Anonymous said...

To Steve Horst and all the other great guys on Brown Sugar, we are following you every day and thinking good thoughts for you. Stay safe! All our love, Dad and Sheila