Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Life at Sea...Dinner Prep

Here we are at day nine having put yet another marvelous happy hour behind us last night and looking forward to more (hopefully not too many). As well today we ate another excellent breakfast and just completed yet another sail change overcoming a small technical issue and once again ensuring the reputation of the blind folded bowman. While we are speaking of food we thought we might enlighten you about our meal status. Much time was spent in the planning of daily menus and choice of entrees. Each crew person was asked to supply two supper meals. Doing the math this meant that Mother Nature was being asked to also supply a couple as well. While the crew meals have and continue to be a hit, Mother Nature is failing us in both wind and fish. Into these culinary plans were built lunches and breakfasts for each day. As well a separate culinary contingency plan was set to ensure that if the trip were to take more days than 2005, due to mechanical or technical issues we would continue to eat well. Who would have thought we’d be eating that from that menu sheet.

The next step beyond planning and storing is preparation. This does not come without its challenges. Equipped with the necessary tools, a hinged stove and oven as well as a rail mounted barbeque AKA radar reflector, one large non stick fry pan, a sauce pan for boiling, a bad knife and a large plastic spoon. The hinged stove is meant to keep the top of the stove level while our sturdy little vessel pitches around. Being hinged should not be mistaken with the term “gimbaled”. If you look you will find that the term gimbaled is actually taken from the Latin phrase translated to mean “you may not spill our beer” as the action of the gimbaled takes into consideration all angles of heel rather than just two. The long and short of it is, food, hot or cold does fly, slide scurry and slip away enhancing the clean up process. Using a dull knife it seems does have its benefits. The most potential injury in our galley is a burnt knee. Fear not we are eating well, we just ensure that all shower times are coordinated away from meal times and will certainly never be related to happy hour.

“We” Brian Samuel Allott


Anonymous said...

Go Team BS, remember it only gets better from here on out.

Sail Fast, Stay Safe


Anonymous said...


Went to the fair lastnight and we wore out team brown sugar shirts! We took a couple photo's and just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you!