Thursday, July 19, 2007

Relentless is off the map, but doing great now

As you may recall, our friends on Relentless (50/52 Div) took the northern route when they started last Thursday. You won't see them on the tracking map or in the standings. So it seems they have the element of surpsrise on their side. The transponders are not working and their radio went out also. They do still have their SatPhone and are sending out e-mails. Here's the latest from early this AM.
We are really moving now. The chute is up and we are in the trade winds coming in from the North side of the course. According to our weather info, we have a little more breeze on this side than the guys on the South. We are scrambling to pick off a few boats. It's finally going well after yet another morning of no wind and rain. Everyone was starting to get a little dark and then the breeze filled in and I think its here to stay. Morale is back up and the helm is the hot spot. Everyone is taking a turn during the day, and Byron and I are doing the night driving.Its a shame we weren't doing this since Saturday. We would have been finished by Friday night. The boat is so fast and smooth. As I type this e-mail, we are doing ten knots in comfort.

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