Monday, July 16, 2007

Comments on this Blog...What happens to them, anyway?

You might wonder what the point is of writing a comment here. Comments can be entertaining and can make this Blog more fun for us all during this painfully long race. Besides, it makes the boys happy to hear from their public, so we do forward them as soon as they're received.

Please send digital photos of you cheering the crew on! Here's one for starters: This week's XS Racing Girls at Sunday's TP start. !!!!!!Go Brown Sugar!!!!!

E-mail photos to

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Anonymous said...

What! Team Bulgaria has passed you mile for mile and they started days later. Son,Nedko, called on Sunday and wants to meet you mid ocean for a home cooked dinner complete with wine and ice cream. By the way? How is your ice cream holding up this time? Pressure coming to you lighten ship and GO !!!! Weight Nazi