Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Life at Sea...Happy Hour

We are back for more tales from the sturdy little ship known as Brown Sugar. We have given you a quick look into a small variety of festivities on board. Scientific research, magnificently performed circus feats while blind folded and recently a brief discussion on animal husbandry or the care and cleaning of a ships camel. We thought we might continue down this path and enlighten you all on the processes used to ensure high morale and attitudes. This will lead us to discuss the traditional “happy hour”. While not a daily routine it is one that always includes proper prior planning. The timing is always late in the day a couple of hours prior to dinner. It may not be a daily occurrence for a variety of reasons, for instance there may not be a lot to be happy about today, or the assembled crew does not appear to be sad so than we just pass on it until tomorrow. That does not mean we do not plan for tomorrow – oh by no means. Details right down to which cracker and cheese will be served and what libation will be apportioned.

Regardless, the happy hour is one that all look forward to in fact those (which is the majority of the crew) who are sleeping sense the approach of the happy hour rise to partake. As noted above there may not even be a happy hour and that group of off watchers don’t even budge as if by some nautical sixth sense they know not to rise. Many things go into the making of a successful happy hour. First the apparent need for one, all or some seem sad. This we are glad to say is not the case on our little vessel as our illustrious leader has somehow gathered in this eclectic group some of the happier individual sailors around. Second, it presents a moment to just talk about the day behind and the days ahead and third, as when you gather as many avid and competitive sailors it is an opportunity to share a jaunty sea tail. A tail filled with winning and losing. Of these we believe that the most important is the third, because regardless of where our team is in standings, or whether or not the wind is blowing it is the jaunty sea tail that takes center stage at happy hour in the cock pit of Brown Sugar.

“WE” Brian Samuel Allott

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