Friday, July 13, 2007

Greetings from 1015 Millibars

Awwwww. poor guys. Received 5PM, 7/13.
If ever the phrase you can't get there from here rings true. Our skirting of the high has been more a cannon ball in the deep end. We are approaching the lower corner of the great High. Once we get down low enough the wind will fill from farther behind. And we will begin the middle portion of the race (aka, the slot car zone). We will unhappily take our slot well above the boats that did a better job of getting south prior to this.

We did have a pretty good night last night, in the high the wind has been better at night, and light and variable during the day. It's shaping up for a record setting TransPac, and not in a good way. Presently we are trying to sail south at any cost, the wind has started to come aft, it's light but managable, if we sail vmg, i.e. as fast as possible, we will end up sailing higher and deeper into the High. So we are sailing low and somewhat slow. The weather models are looking like we may have over ten knots of wind by Sunday. Russ as always is optomistic, reminding me we still have two thousand miles to go, we are neck and neck with the leaders to the south, we just wish we had sailed deeper earlyer.

Things are looking up Russ just found the Ginger cookies.

Brownie (e-mail via SatPhone)

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Don Genius said...

You know how much I love the slow races. Are your bathing habits offending anylone yet? I just found this site today; i'll keep in touch. We all need more pictures.

Donny Gray