Sunday, July 22, 2007

Chili on the Grill

Winds are a bit lighter today an average. Yesterday we averaged 8knots and so far today we are at 7 knots. Five spinnaker changes so far since breakfast. Last night(3AM) we had our first round-up. A squall came through and brought 25+ knots of breeze and the guy shackle failed. The fire drill proceeded to get our 1/2 back on the boat in one piece. In the process we added one more 18" tear near the first. I can't believe we have sailed most of this race with this sail. Brand new in April: it has been a great sail for the light air Ensenada and now Transpac. Sure glad this was added to our selection. After 5 sail changes I am convinced that this sail was just what we needed to make gains in this light breeze.

500 miles to go and hoping we are out sailing our friends in front. Chili on the grill served with ice cold beer. The only thing better would be to pick off one more boat by 0600.


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