Wednesday, July 18, 2007

They're moving up!!!

moved up another notch in the fleet. They're currently #6! If they pick off just one boat a day, they should have no trouble being numero uno by the finish!

Go Go Go!!!!

Rec'd at 1300
BS (6th) has picked off another competitor -Ca Girl.We are now in our grove where we can work on slowly nibbling away at the remaining boats in our class. We are riding the tail pressure from tropical storm Cosme. This has created 6 foot swell pushing us to the finish. Team Techies (Turk & Horst) now hold the record for miles clicked off to the Barn-28 miles in three hours. Winds held in the 15-20 knot range allowing some surfing. The tropical depression brings both breeze and precipitation. We welcome these little cells of 18-20 knots to get the boat moving.

Today we will celebrate the halfway point. Which will actually occurred at 1140 miles to go at this writing we about 90 miles away. I assume Bryan Samuel Allott will document the festivities as only he can. Champagne is chilling and the Filet Mignon thawing.

From a much happier BS'er, Russ

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Anonymous said...

Good news. Finally rolling with 161 miles yesterday. Go fast, be safe.