Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Division 6 Positions and Standings for July 17.

July 17, 0600. Brown Sugar is finally sailing in favorable conditions and it's showing in their standings. They've moved up one notch to #7 for Div 6, but the big news is they've averaged 7.5 knots for the last 24 hours! With 1424 miles to go, they should be partying at the halfway point sometime TOMORROW!!! (Don't worry, the last half of the race should go much faster.)
This chart shows what's been happening in Div 6 for the last three days. Looks like they've all decided that south is the place to be.

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Anonymous said...

Discovered your website after reading an article in the OC Register on the race. I remember Steve from my days living on Naples Island. Looks like quite the adventure!

San Clemente Fan