Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Team Brown Sugar

Welcome to Team Brown Sugar - Transpac 07


Anonymous said...

Go Brown Sugar! Of course you can win this one.

I love the web site and remembering two years ago. The hosts will try to make the parties at the end even more memorable.

Anonymous said...

Fight On Team Brown Sugar May the fair winds blow you safely to our home

Sail on Scottie

Anonymous said...

Wow, this site is amazing. Our thanks go out to Web Masters Jodee Turk, Mike Reed and Jeff Busche for their work on keeping us up to date.
Final preperations today, food and a place to put it. Getting underway will be a welcome relief, after all the ups and downs this year. The party fundraiser was a huge success, helping raise enough to cover 100% of the shipping cost. Thank you all. I have so many storys of kindness and support that woulf fill a book.
I would also like to thank Russ Turk. Without him this event for us would not be possible. The energizer bunny comes to mind.
Thank you all for your tremendous support!