Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 11 early PM. Light goin'

Hello all, our initial strategy of taking the high road to San Nickolas island, did not make the great gains we had hoped for. Initially sailing high will have you looking good for roll call. With the unstable conditions we believe it too risky and have opted to cover the fleet while they have gone south. we did have some prompting from the Navy. via a P-3 orion buzzing us for a couple of hours, until we figured maybe they wanted to talk to us, and fired up the radio. Sure enough they became very officious demanding us to start our motor and extract our selves from their live fire exercise. after explaining to them, the motor thing was not an option and we were part of a much larger deal the had us talk to the big Cheese, he had us tack and sail due south for five miles.At the time it was a bit worrisome. But the hours of ignoring the buzzing put us in position to sail south, they just nudged us into tacking.So far it's feeling like a really long Ensanada race. We have not seen any thing over 8 knots with most of the day under 3 and 4Bionic Turk is up to his normal self taking care of us. And doing too much. We are settling into a nice routine and have delegated duties to the crew.
Love you all Brownie (e-mail via SatPhone)


spudsmknz said...

I love the whale story and can't wait to see the video and pics! You guys rock! Have fun and sail fast!

Miss you already!


Anonymous said...

Does the weather chart show some wind picking up friday?
Looks like an exciting match race with you guys and inspired environments.
Kick their buts. Show them nothing but your wake. Loser buys the drinks in Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve-o.... It's starting to look like TP '79 ....HOPE IT GETS BETTER!!!! ;^)

I'll check back for todays pos rpt.
Johnny Riz

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have to agree with comments made by Riz. I was there in '79 and glad I'm not there in '07. I hate reruns.

Hope you have enough pudding cups to last all the way to Diamond Head.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

"So far it's feeling like a really long Ensanada race." ...woof. I'll have to think about that for 32 hours and get back to you.

--BT (with much love)