Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Approaching the Islands--Woo-hoo!!!!!!

Rec'd 7/24 at 0930 HT
Good morning!
Radio transmission quality was very poor this morning. Few if any were able to contact either Diamond head or Alaska Eagle. A lot of relaying and missing info. Hopefully transmission quality improves so we can get our competition positions.

We covered 174 miles yesterday- good performance considering the wind speed and direction. With just over 200 miles to go, we should finish sometime before noon tomorrow. If the winds are favorable, we can make it as early as dawn. We are actually looking forward to seeing the islands as we approach. They are a beautiful site-would hate to pass them as ships in the night--However this is a race!!

More updates to follow
Team BS

Our second update today, also received at 0930 HT
We have just jibed heading for Kalapapa light house on Molokai (150 nm away). Winds are light right now, but look promising ahead with some cloud coverage- which will be a welcome relief. We will jibe near the lighthouse and be on our final approach to Oahu. We passed Ca-girl and are in 6 th --again.
More to follow
Team BS

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