Sunday, July 15, 2007

July 15. Not much information.

No Tracking info for Div 6 today. The software seems to be confused, BUT there is data for the 50/52 fleet who is now just ahead of Div 6. They're still moving along nicely, so we'll have to assume that Brown Sugar is doing the same.

Sent at 2Pm today. (info is based on the 0600 report)
BS positions remains 7th. Everyone is jockeying for position in the slot and guessing which way the wind will blow to Hawaii. Still satisfied that we can still earn a better position than where we currently stand with 1701 miles to go as of 06:00 this morning. We believe we saw California Girl off in the distance crossing our path about 02:00. Tracking the class closely.

The weather is mostly cloudy, making us more comfortable. In full sun we bake. All is well aboard- we have developed a good watch system 3 hrs on 6 off and typically get 2 two hour naps. ..

Fighting on
Team BS

On the lighter side...
From an e-mail signed "Brian Samuel Allott" (do we have an author on board?)
our stellar bowman “Steve the Music Man H”, from the out on the end of the pole, while performing a peel of the ½ oz. ASO to the ½ oz. SYM. In a flawless and classic circus fashion he donned a blind fold - the assembled crowd went wild - magnificent. We can not wait until the “Blind Folded Bowman” performs yet another peeling feat.

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