Saturday, July 21, 2007

What a difference!

Brown Sugar's estimated arrival in Honolulu is Wednesday around noon. Click here to check out the ETA's for all of the boats at Transpac's website.

Sat 7-21 900 pst
Oh what a difference a day makes!Yesterday afternoon we were cruising along with the half ounce spinnaker up in 8-14 knots of breeze. We sailed into small squall line and hoped the 20+ breeze would spare our sail. At the first lull we peeled to the 3/4 oz.ASo. As luck would have it we just got the 1/2 down before the breeze freshened back into the 20+ Inspection of the 1/2 found that there was a 8 inch rip that we repaired.We have been in solid 20 knot trade winds all night and are trucking along nicely. If this holds out, we should arrive on Wed.afternoon. We have around 750 miles to go and should be able to cover 200 miles a day.

Position reports at 09:00 still rank BS as 7th. The fleet ahead of us are still making good mileage as well. We appear to do a little better than most of our competition when it is blowing 20+. The E37 can surf swell and plane allowing us to jump from 9 knots upto 11-14 knots for short burst.

CNG ran out this morning. looks like we will cook everything either on the grill or the deck-(hot enough to fry on egg on when it full sun.) We still have some leftover beef stew and chicken penne and lots of chili that typically would be cooked on the stove.We sighted some birds this morning- this is typically a good sign there are fish around. So far the only fish are flying fish.One actually landed on the boat one night.

Fighting on!!
Team BS

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