Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crew of '05...

Whatever happened to Dusty Durant? You know, the youngest member of Brown Sugar's 2005 All Star Crew. At just 16 years old back then, his intense focus when both driving and sleeping was the envy of the more seasoned crew.
He couldn't make this year's Transpac on Relentless, his Dad's boat, because Dusty is out skippering his own boat. He's representing LBYC in this year's Governor's Cup (international jr. match racing) , running 7/16 - 21. Check out the BYC website to see his progress.
Go Dusty!!!!


Anonymous said...

I do remember it being noted Rusty was the REM watch capt'n in '05.....

Anonymous said...

I took a look at the Governors Cup Web site. I replaced Marty Vogel in 75 when he went on Transpac. Sailed with Bruce Golison on a Cal 25. Back then it was all about how powerful your stereo system was. Washburn was first with the Kent's crewing. Bruce Golison was second, both boats had 9 and 1 records, we lost to Washburn. Wash lost to Scott Mason, we beat Mason. Scott Mason was third, NHYC. Doug Deaver was fourth from BYC. What a week.

Today's crews have last names of Vaught, Menninger, Segerblom...............Hard to believe it was 32 years ago.

To bad John Rizzzz, and Scott Winn have to fly out on 7/27. Maybe you guys will sneak in before they leave. Hang in there........."While others sleep, we creep" looks to be the watch words for Brown Sugar!

Randall J. Risvold
Forespar Products Corp

Anonymous said...

Randy-- great memory!

Rusty- We won the cup in '73 for LBYC---- would be great to see you on top this year! Good luck!