Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July 10 Positions.

It turns out these positions were sent out with no delay at 7:07AM. Position data throughout the day will be a 6 hour delay before publishing, but maybe the morning report data will be real time? Each dot on the tracking website tells when the data was actually taken.
Shown here is a mix of the leaders in the Aloha A and Div 6 starts. As you can see , Brown Sugar is one of the northernmost boats (as they expected in their morning e-mail). Let's hope it pays off! Shanti and X-Dream were staying north with BS. Ariadne and Windswept are the two diving WAY south.
For up to date reports, you can go to the FIS Tracking link on the homepage of http://www.transpacificyc.org/ .

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