Saturday, July 14, 2007

July 14 (still). Rambling from Team BS

A solemn day aboard BS. The only sighting today were two wayward fishing floats and two sea birds;. both within a hour of one another. Other than that it was mostly sunny day. Blazing most of the time. We are still trolling for fish. Not very likely now that we are 500 mile off-shore. Typically we would see a couple of ships- we must be out of the regular shipping channel.

Did a quick inventory of food supplies and figure we can handle ten more days without losing much weight. We could all stand to lose a few!!! The best guess at this point is finishing on Wednesday. We packed light ( not like last time when we had enough food to go to Tahiti). All systems are working well- adequate fuel to charge the batteries, make water, and refrigeration. CNG may run out- coffee hounds are in withdrawals. We brought very limited happy hour supplies- today we had a shot of the Makers Mark for a toast to the wind gods.

With any luck- we should be improving in or standings.Barometers finally dropping and clouds forming- all good signs we will have some more wind.

The favorite equipment on the boat is the bean bag chairs and water maker and refrigeration. Not sure how well equipped the lead boats are! Perhaps they are more driven!! Not that we are not driven --just a bit more comfortable. The Chef has outdone himself-Eggs and sausage for breakfast- Spam taco (was supposed to be fresh fish taco) and Chicken terriyaki salad for dinner. Not too shabby for roughing it!

A happy team BS

Here's a funny story: As the wind faded at sunset we decide it was time to switch from the 3/4 oz runner to the !/2 oz kite. Steve Horst got rousted from his nap to do the peel ( for the non sailors this requires Steve to go to the end of the spinnaker pole to attach the new sail where the currently flying sail is attached). As he's standing on the bow of the boat reaching in his pocket for the fid to release the shackle, he grabs his blindfold (used for daytime napping). Linus yells out " I know you're good- but please -you don't have to use the blindfold!"

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Anonymous said...

g'day boyz... From the pressure gradients looks like some wind could be in the cards for ya... a good chuckle out of the "using the blindfold for the peel" story....classic!!

Push, push, push..... don't even think 'bout slackin' off!!! I vote the helmsman calls for his CD of choice to get his mojo goin' !!!

I'll chk back a bit later.....